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Our Events

Our events help connect our members with each other, build a network and circle of support. We want to increase the visibility of women in the offline world, so that other women see that they are not alone, and thus, inspire more women to enter the space of web3. 

Our events are build on four pillars:


We host regular meetups in Berlin
(and soon Hamburg!)

Own Events

We regularly host bigger events on specific topics with speakers.


We host remote educational sessions to help women learn wherever they are.


We attend as speakers, host events together with other brands - or partner with them to provide value for our community members.

Upcoming Events

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November 29, 2022

The industry is on fire and we need to do something about it.

​We’re kicking off our partnership with Factory Berlin at Gorlitzer Park on November 29 with a community event where we host a no holds-barred conversation about what needs to change in crypto with Arweave, Cashlink, Balance and our CGC members.

​It’s now or never

​Something has to change in crypto or we’re not going to make it.

​Then don’t miss our first event on November 29 at Factory Berlin for food, drinks, discussions and the biggest ideas about regaining trust in crypto.


​Panel Host: Giti Said, Legal, Arweave

​Clara Agusti, Senior Operations, Arweave

​Nele Wollert, Head of Sales, Cashlink

​Bianca Buzea, Developer Advocate, Balancer

Join our women in web3 speed networking corner & panel discussion at Urban Spree on the 24th August.

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Past Events (Selection)

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Web3 Allstars


"Web3 Allstars" is NFT Club Berlin's first flagship event. On this night we unite all of Berlin’s Web3 scene, inviting every prominent brand and organization in the space, as well as all local communities. We believe the only way to go far is together, and this is our first step towards fostering Europe’s Web3 journey.

June 9, 2022

Web3 Inspire Night
x OneFootball

Representing several spheres of crypto, meet four women (and lots more!) creating some of the coolest projects in blockchain.

We've selected web3 builders who shine the brightest in the space -so you can too! ✨


  • Anais Cisneros - Investor & Co-founder Amela/Chief of Staff at TechTree

  • Blue Moon - Founding Partner of

  • Rebekka Revel, PhD - Community Manager @ NFT Club Berlin

  • Joanna Rindell, Blockchain & NFT senior legal counsel OneFootball


October 14, 2021

Women in Blockchain

AZALEA, Nuri & Crypto Girls Berlin have joined forces to host a meetup for women who are in or interested in the blockchain space in Berlin.

Come and network with a range of ambitious women in different fields in the blockchain space, and become a part of a community of aspiring females/non-binaries.

Pizza & drinks will be provided.


Kristina Walcker-Mayer - CEO - Nuri (Bitwala)

Vidya Mani - CTO - Nuri (Bitwala)

Madeleine Parker - Head of Growth- New Life

March 16, 2022

Web3 Project Showcase

Chipi Chipi BomBón is a popular ice cream shop on Warschauer Strasse that takes pride in accepting bitcoin as payment. Come in, enjoy dessert and watch three prominent web3 patrons showcase their projects and community.

Amelia is a social entrepreneur who co-founded the startup wellyou to help people work on themselves daily on the physical, mental and social levels. She is also founder of Happy Nation NFTs.

Peter is Co-Founder and CTO at Unstoppable Finance. Before he was CTO and MD at Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange and CTO and co-founder at solarisBank.

Olivia is a Data Analyst at Project A and Community Advocate at Chainlink.

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