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Senior Solidity Engineer

Berlin, Germany

About the Role

As a Solidity Engineer, you will help us design and deploy our next generation of smart contracts. You will work closely with engineering leads, and partners to prototype smart contracts that extend our core architecture as well as lead efforts to upgrade and optimize our contracts running on EVM based networks. The goal is to create a suite of smart contracts that make up the Safe protocol, bringing the best UX and maximum flexibility to our users. Security is critical, so a strong attention to detail is a must.


Our Tech Stack: Solidity, Hardhat, Typescript

Check our github:

Safe Contracts:

🗂 What you will be doing:

Develop smart contracts for the Safe protocol

Iterate on existing smart contracts (e.g. core contracts)

Evaluate and idea value capture opportunities on contract level

Support external developers on contract usage (e.g. StackExchange)

Document the Safe protocol approaches/ solution

Collaborate with product team (Engineers, designers, stakeholders) on protocol/contract related features

🎒 What you will bring:

Experience with modern Solidity stack (hardhat, truffle, various plugins, package managers, linters, code cov etc.)

Experience debugging and simulation of contract interaction with local nodes (e.g. hardhat and ganache,

Proven experience with different Ethereum development platforms (e.g. Remix, Tenderly, OpenZepplin)

Experience with Solidity libraries (e.g. Remix, Tenderly, OpenZepplin)

You have worked on the projects that have been audited

Testing knowledge (coverage, automation, integration)

Nice to have skills:

Expert in EVM details/design

Deep knowledge in Ethereum RPC usage

Familiarity with tokenomics

Typescript for testing

About the Company

🎁 Team and Benefits:

Learn more about us and what benefits we offer here:

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