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About Us

About Us

Club values

Club values

Club values

Our Values

We help women thrive and become the best version of themselves.

Life is a learning journey. We create events and webinars and provide a platform for members to share their knowledge. Sharing is caring!

We provide a safe space to make mistakes and the motivation to keep going.

We don’t charge our club members for being a member as well as for our events or educational content. Never.

2. Learning

1. Growth

3. Courage

4. Accessibility

Our club is available for all people, regardless of their genders, races, sexual orientations and levels of knowledge.

You don't need to commit to us. We'll support your journey whenever the time is right.

We encourage everyone to contribute to the club with their thoughts, experiences and opinions - online and offline.

We aim to have fun. Our events aren’t too serious, but the learning curve is seriously fun!

5. Inclusiveness

6. Flexibility

7. Collaboration

8. Fun

9. No judgement

We don’t judge anyone by their intention to join our club. Whether it's out of curiosity or the serious intention to build a network, all are treated equally.

10. Zero-tolerance
for negativity

We make sure that our club remains a safe space. We do not tolerate any type of bullying, mocking or exclusion. 

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